How A Son Takes Over His Father’s $50,000 A Year Tax Preparation Business, Builds A Multi-Million Dollar Company ....

Even Causing Several National Tax Franchise Offices to Shut Down in the Process!  

... And how that same fellow has since helped over 3,350 tax practitioners, electronic filers, EA’s, CPA’s and other tax business owners dramatically, quickly increase their earnings with his methods - 
even though most of them were skeptics to start with.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Chauncey Hutter, Jr. 

And did you know -- I can’t even prepare my own tax return!  (Or, anybody else’s for that matter.)    

But that didn’t stop me from growing a small, two-room tax office with a couple of part-time employees into a multi-MILLION dollar business in 15 different market areas (w/ 24 locations) and employing over 400 people during the peak of tax season while generating over $4 Million Dollars in tax preparation and electronic filing sales during the first 100 days of each year!

So how does a guy with NO tax experience come into a small tax office and … build a MILLION dollar tax preparation business in just a few short tax seasons?

Well, that’s a “secret” I’ve kept to myself.  Until now.

You see, there are MANY little-known tax business development strategies I’ve discovered that make growing a tax business to the MILLION dollar level much easier and faster. (I just wish somebody would have given me a BOOK LIKE THIS when I first started.)  Back in the day, it would have made my life a whole heck of a lot easier!

One of the SECRETS most tax professionals DON’T realize is Even The Most Tax Law-Knowledgeable, Highest Paid, Credentialed Professional And The Hardest Working Tax Business Owner On The Planet Will Live With An Average (Or Even Below Average), Disappointing Income Without A Consistent, Steady Flow Of New Clients Coming Into Their Tax Office!

If you think that since you are a tax professional, everyone in town who needs tax help is going to beat your door down looking to give YOU their money because you’ve got the most tax experience or you’ve gone to more tax seminars this year or you have some extra letters behind your name etc. …. you’re just not living in reality!

It’s called “dream-ville” ... when you think increasing your tax skills automatically translates into being able to stuff more money in your pockets at the end of each day.  (If that were true, our tax business would be dead broke because I still don’t know how to fill out a 1040 EZ!)


I can NOT be gentle about this, even though I know you won’t like hearing it:  this is the fundamental truth that can liberate you from laboring mightily for your dollars, settling for an “average” income ... and can empower you to truly TRANSFORM your tax practice into a very different, super-high-income business that’ll make your peers and competitors absolutely green with envy.  

Here it is:

Continuing to believe that your expertise and knowledge entitles you to success ..... resenting those “big guys” who use mass advertising ..... trying to increase your income by increasing your knowledge of tax law ..... these are all losing strategies in today’s competitive marketplace.

There is a different, much more productive way to THINK about your business.  And once you mentally accept it’s OK to be different than your competition, you’ll be on your way to growing your tax practice to the next level of success!

Now, if you are ready to hear it … I’m ready to “spill the beans” about Real Tax Business Success!

How to Build a Million Dollar Tax Business
(even if you didn’t know how to prepare a tax return)
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